Title and position

  • Master Degree of Health Economics
  • Bachelor Degree of Accounting
  • Researcher, Center for Population Health Sciences, Hanoi University of Public Health


Contact information

  • Room A508 - Building A, Hanoi University of Public Health, 1A Duc Thang Road, Duc Thang Ward, North Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0971 062 521
  • Email: vqm@huph.edu.vn


Specialized skills

  • Health Economics
  • Public Health



  • Master Degree of Health Economics Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bachelor Degree of Accounting Thang Long University, Hanoi, Vietnam


Working experience

  • Costing analysis on the project of preventing tobacco harm, ISMS, 2016.
  • Costing analysis on the National Plan on Actions of Nutrition, UNICEF, 2016.
  • Costing analysis on Human Milk Bank project, AT&T, 2016.
  • Coordinator in “Disability inclusive social protection in Vietnam”, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2016.
  • Qualitative interview on the project “Disability– Inclusive Social Protection Systems", LSHTM, 2016.
  • Editor in “Cost and Cost effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention and control program book", VAAC, 2015.
  • Researcher in “Community health survey in Quoc Oai, Hanoi”, Seoul University, 2015
  • Research assistant at "The effect of peer supported group to caregiver of children with HIV in antiretroviral outcomes – a randomized controlled trial (HIVCHI), 2014"


Oral presentation

  • Costing on the counseling model by Peer Supporter Group among Vietnam HIV treated patients, the 6 th national conference of HIV/AIDS prevention, the 5 th International Graduate Study Conference 2015: “Creative Education: Intellectual Capital toward ASEAN”, Bangkok, Thailand, 17 th July, 2015.
  • Cost effectiveness of Peer Supporter Group intervention Program among HIV treated patients in Outpatient clinic in Vietnam, the 6 th national conference of HIV/AIDS prevention, Hanoi, Vietnam, 24 th November 2015.



  • Tobacco control policies in Vietnam: Review on MPOWER Implementation Progress and Challenges. Minh HV, Chung le H, Giang KB, Duc DM, Hinh ND, Mai VQ, Cuong NM, Manh PD, Duc HA, Yang JC.
  • Potential impact of graphic health warnings on cigarette packages in reducing cigarette demand and smoking related - deaths in Vietnam. Minh HV, Ngan TT, Mai VQ, My NT, Chung le H, Kien VD, Anh TT, Ngoc NB, Giap VV, Cuong NM, Manh PD, Giang KB.
  • Trends in childhood measles vaccination highlight socioeconomic inequalities in Vietnam. Kien VD, Van Minh H, Giang KB, Mai VQ, Tuan NT, Quam MB.


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