Self-reported psychological distress among caregivers of patients with cancer: Findings from a health facility-based study in Vietnam 2019


In Vietnam, little is elucidated in scientific literatures about the mental health of caregivers of people with cancer. We conducted a cross-sectional study to report the situation and correlates of self-reported psychological distress among caregivers of cancer patients in Vietnam in 2019. Multiple logistic and linear regression analyses were performed. A total of 16.5% of the study participants had psychological distress. Respondent’s mean score of negative emotion was 7.6 ± 2. Educational level and type of support were significantly associated with having psychological distress among caregivers. Gender, occupation, financial difficulty, treatment belief and social support significantly correlated to psychological distress level of caregivers.

Keywords: cancercaregiverspsychological distressVietnam

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Nguồn: Viện Khoa học Sức khỏe (NIHS), Bệnh viện Bạch Mai

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