Health financial hardship among ethnic minority populations in Vietnam



This study was conducted to report the prevalence of financial hardship and identify associated factors among ethnic minority populations in Vietnam. In 2019, we conducted a cross-sectional study of 5,033 ethnic minority participants from 12 provinces located in four socioeconomic regions in Vietnam. Financial hardship was measured by asking the study respondents if they had to borrow money, sell household assets, or stop using health care services due to health care service fees. Among the health service users, 24.0% (95% CI: 22.3–25.8%) faced a health-related financial hardship. Participants with secondary education were more likely to experience financial hardship than illiterate participants. In contrast, those who were able to speak the Vietnamese language, had a religious affiliation, or had health insurance were likely to have lower financial hardship. Continuing to expand health insurance coverage and develop essential packages covered by health insurance is vital to reducing financial hardship.


KEYWORDS: Universal health coverage, Sustainable Development Goals, financial hardship, ethnic minorities, Vietnam

Source: National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), Bach Mai Hospital

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